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It's time to let go of the Old Stories that are keeping you stuck...

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Embody Your New Story

A self-study course from Yothera® Method for deep and lasting transformation,

that also provides 15 Professional CEUs

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Yothera Method is designed to offer a totally new way for therapists to express themselves within their profession, as well as a new way for clients to receive holistic therapeutic support.

This process frees individuals from the deeply-rooted, unconscious patterns that inhibit them from living their most authentic life, and feeling truly alive.

Yothera Method awakens all parts of a person, giving them full access to their unique gifts and life purpose, and support in their most authentic self expression.

Once you start this program,

you will begin to recognize the mental stories and patterns that have been holding you back from living the life you intuitively know you're meant to live. You will begin the process of setting yourself free.

As you progress,

you will begin to see and feel how much wisdom your body carries, and you'll be able to directly experience your intuition or higher self as your guide in creating your New Story. You will gradually begin to feel safer and more confident in trusting your innate senses and body's wisdom, building a solid foundation of trust in yourself.

And before you know it,

you will be living a more peaceful, fulfilled, and supported life.

The Yothera Method Story

For those of You Who Don't Know me yet...

Hi, I'm Jess Maitri. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Breathwork teacher, and Energy Intuitive

Traditional therapy approaches weren’t working for me, both professionally for me as a therapist, and personally for me as a client.

My clients weren’t experiencing lasting change, and I was experiencing burn-out and compassion fatigue. I began realizing that the profession that I had chosen was simply not resonating with me any longer, and that something needed to be changed in order to make it sustainable for me, and deeply helpful for my clients.

I began searching out other forms of healing and transforming that fit me on multiple levels, trusting and following my own intuition over several years of personal growth and healing.

I participated in many alternative trainings that incorporated holistic healing approaches such as yoga therapy, therapeutic breathwork, and spiritual development, as well as working with the unconscious mind. These additional trainings assisted me not only to heal personally on a holistic level, but provided me with a whole new perspective of therapy, and holistic healing.

I began implementing these approaches in therapy with my own clients, which was followed by numerous colleagues approaching me, and referring their own clients to me. As I continued fine-tuning this personalized modality based on what worked for me as a client, and as a therapist, this was the beginning of the creation of the Yothera Method.

Now I've created this program so that you too can experience the transformation my clients have been able to create in their lives through Yothera® Method. And as a professional, you can also receive 15 CEUs after completion.


Phase 1 - The Mind

During this first phase of your process, you'll gain some background understanding of the archetypes we use in Yothera Method, shadow work, the subconscious mind, and defense mechanisms. You'll also come to know and understand your own defense mechanisms, and become familiar with the Old Stories that you want to work with, and the New Stories that will replace them.


• Psychological Archetypes

• Shadow Work

• Conscious & Subconscious

• Defense Mechanisms

• Cognitive Dissonance

• Integration of Blindspots

Phase 2 - INbodiment

Throughout Phase 2, you'll learn new ways of becoming more embodied and present, create a greater connection with your whole self, and learn the science behind whole-self transformation. You'll continue to deepen your intuition and understanding of self, and work on the New Story of your life.


• Heart Coherence

• Breathwork

• INbodied Writing

• Resourcing

• Grounding Practices

• Energy Centers

Phase 3 - The Elixir

During Phase 3, you'll begin putting everything together and practice witnessing and being witnessed. You'll go through practices that start to solidify your new story into your life, integrating all the new knowledge and understanding of yourself you've gained.


• Communication Understanding

• INbodied Witnessing

• Being Witnessed

• Integration Practice

• Community Support

• Guided Integrations

A FiNELY TuNED, Guided process

I created this process so that you can do this deep work from the comfort of your own home, and at the pace that works for you.


No more cobbling your process together and figuring it all out yourself. This program guides you step by step through the process of transformation at a pace that works for you, in a sequence that works.


You won't be left wondering WHY it works. Throughout the program, you'll learn about the science of transformation, why each part of this process is integral to the outcome, and what's happening behind the scenes in your subconscious.


And you won't be alone! The beauty of this program is that you can go through it at your own individual pace, while having a supportive community behind you, that you can engage with as much as you want.

“My experience has been profoundly transformative."

What People Are Saying About Yothera Method


“Jess Maitri is trailblazing the evolution of therapy. She recognizes the limitations that traditional mental health practices have, which are often disembodied and working on only one part of the person; AND she recognizes the limitation that yoga has in healing mental health. She has bridged the gap!

She brings so much to her work including mental health therapy, embodied yoga practices, strong intuition, breath work, somatics, and her compassionate heart. She treats her clients as a whole person. She is very gentle, loving and sensitive to her clients needs and traumas. Just being in her presence is grounding and healing! She has helped me so much!”


“My experience has been profoundly transformative.

I was guided to work with Jess when I found myself in a very deep embodiment phase where I felt very overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, & physically.

My profession as an intuitive guide and “healer” sometimes led me to believe I should to be able to “heal” myself, or I can do it all alone.

Are you ready?

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What Participants Are Saying

This is great for health and healing professionals who want to move towards a more holistic practice: bridging mind, body, and soul to best serve their clients' needs and also themselves.

Jess is masterful teacher! Her teaching method & material creates a learning environment conducive to learning self awareness and self healing. Jess is truly a gem. She is integrous, kind and knowledgeable in profound ways that provoked change in one’s life. She is immensely intuitive and seamless in her guidance and teachings. She is a gift to the healing community.

Yothera offers a space for feeling deeply into aspects of body and spirit that may not be easily accessible through the mind alone. I think that anyone who is a seeker or is in the pursuit of self would benefit from this.

This work brings whole-self transformation

You Could Wait...

Or You Could Change Your Life Right Now.

Yes, this offer will be here for you tomorrow, next week, or a month from now. It's never too late to start changing your life.

BUT, do you really want to keep living in your Old Stories for any longer?

You deserve to start your New Story now. You are worth it.

The Proof is in the Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program just for therapists?

Absolutely not!

This is for anyone wanting to transform their lives, or understand the science and process of transformation.

Does this program count for CEUs?

Yes! Find out if your profession is covered here. Once you finish the final module, you'll be given a link to receive your CEUs. The program fee does not include the CEU fee.

Does this count for clinical hours?

No, the program does not meet requirements to count towards your individual clinical hours within your academic program. It can, however, enhance your learning.

This is a process you can go through again and again, and get something new out of every. single. time.

Don't make yourself wait any longer to live the life you really want.

Start Writing Your New Story of Transformation Now

Understand Your Old Stories & Patterns

Understand the Science of Transformation

Create and Begin to Live Your New Story

Expand Your Self and Your Life

Workbooks for each module

Additional Resources to Take You Deeper

Community Support

15 CEUs Upon Completion for Some Professionals

Create lasting transformation in your life.

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